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Bakersfield Lawyer Has Nationwide Adoption/Surrogacy Practice

Tri-County Women's Newspaper -- M.D. Widelock, a Partner in the Bakersfield law firm, Marc Widelock, limits his practice to adoption and surrogacy law.

Contrary to popular belief, Widelock states that there are newborn babies available for those who seek to adopt. Unlike private agencies, his practice has not been hampered by prospective adoptive parents' age, race, religion or marital status. Moreover, Widelock has demonstrated time and again that it does not take years to adopt. Widelock operates on the theory that a successful adoption is predicated upon a relationship between the adopting parents and the birth mother. Gone are the days when a woman was tied down and blindfolded as her newborn baby was put in the hands of strangers. Today, the birth mother is introduced to prospective adoptive parents before the baby is born. A bond is established which gives the birth mother assurances that the child she is carrying will be provided with a loving, emotionally and financially stable home.

Widelock will not provide representation to a birth mother who is not willing to be tested for AIDS, drugs or sexually transmitted diseases. The Firm is involved in approximately 100 adoptions a year and has clients from Maine to Alaska.

Surrogacy is another area in which Widelock practices. He views surrogacy as a preplanned adoption. Surrogate parenthood, according to Widelock, dates back to the biblical story of Abraham's insemination of Sarah's chambermaid, Hagar. Modern types of surrogacy, where the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated, known as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), is a fertilization of the egg and sperm of the intended parents outside the womb of a surrogate mother who then carries the child to term. This method is used in an attempt to create a child that is genetically related to both parents. Gestational surrogacy is a technology in which the couple contracts separately with a surrogate and with an egg donor having characteristics deemed desirable or that match those of the intended mother. The fertilized embryo is transferred to the surrogate who need not match the age, characteristics or appearance of the intended mother.

California is an adoption and surrogate friendly state. Recent cases in adoption and surrogacy law have been in favor of adopting parents and those parents involved in a surrogate arrangement. Widelock has worked with surrogates and intended parents in many states across the country.

Widelock says he feels fortunate to spend most of his time introducing birth mothers to prospective adoptive parents and creating families.

A recent issue of Smart Money magazine highlighted Widelock and his yellow page advertising which is the biggest attraction for birth mothers, especially his phone number: 1-800-MR STORK.

Widelock has served as a member of the California State Bar Standing Committee on Adoptions (South), a Law Professor and Pro Tem Judge. His firm has provided commentary on family law and related issues to CNN, BBC and Current Affair.

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