n Expenses Allowed Under California Law
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Expenses Allowed Under California Law


  1. Does the birthmother have private or state sponsored health insurance? If not, does she qualify for insurance of any type.
  2. Is the birthmother living with her parents or on her own?
  3. Is the birthmother employed?
  4. Is the birthmother two months along or nine months along?
  5. Will the birth be a routine vaginal delivery or by "C" section?
  6. Will the birth take place in your state or another?
Each birthmother's situation is different, which is the reason why the costs of an adoption will vary.


Once insurance companies realized that birthmothers do not change their mind as often as the public perceives, they began to offer adoption insurance. They realize the gample; however, they believe the odds are in their favor. The fact that insurance companies are willing to enter the adoption arena, is evidence that most adoptions are completed. The insurance companies for a fee, which varies, will reimburse the adopting parents for monies they have expended, in all or part depending on the policy, should the adoption not complete due to the birth mother changing her mind.

This information is being provided not as an endorsement of the insurance, but merely to provide the reader with knowledge that such insurance exists. The majority of this writer's clients do not take out insurance.


Before any expenses are paid the prospective adoptive parent(s) should seek the advice of an adoption attorney.

The foregoing is general in nature and as such, specific questions be should directed to your attorney.

M.D. WIDELOCK is a California attorney whose practice is limited to independent adoptions and reproductive law. Mr. Widelock has served as a member of the California State Bar Standing Committee on Adoptions (South) and is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Mr. Widelock is a law professor and his firm has provided commentary on family law and related issues to CNN, BBC and Current Affair. He has helped hundreds of people create families throughout the United States by making the adoption experience a good one for all.

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