n Famous People Touched By Adoption
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Famous People Touched By Adoption

Woody Allen, Kirstie Alley, Lonnie Anderson, Julie Andrews, Josephine Baker (12 kids,) Lloyd Bentsen (past Secretary of the Treasury,) Tauren Blaque, Charles Bronson, Connie Chung, Tom Cruise, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ted Danson, John Denver, Dale Evans, Mia Farrow, Jesse Helms (North Carolina Senator,) Nicole Kidman, Patti LaBelle, Art Linkletter, John McCain (Arizona Senator,) Ed McMahon, Paul Newman, Rosie O'Donnell, Marie Osmond, Michelle Pfeiffer, Maury Povich, Sarah Purcell, Sally Jesse Raphael, Nancy and Ronald Regan, Burt Reynolds, Roy Rogers, Susan Ruttan, Paul Simon (Illinois Senator,) Parker Stevenson, Elizabeth Taylor, John Travolta, JoAnne Woodward, Jane Wyman.

Joni Mitchell and Roseanne Arnold are birth mothers. George and Barbara Bush are adoptive grandparents.

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