Services Offered



Transportation. Free transportation to our office from any location in the United States. Always Rarely
Counseling & education. Free to no cost to me. Always Sometimes
Freedom of choice, to either parent the the child or to proceed with adoption. Always Usually
Choosing prospective parents. Selecting adoptive parents by meeting them face-toface and getting to know them in person. Always Sometimes
Reviewing profiles. Viewing adoptive parent profiles that have been prepared by adoptive parent or professionals. Always Usually
Contact during pregnancy. The option of developing a relationship with the adoptive family during my pregnancy, sharing information about myself, my wishes for my child's future. Always Sometimes
Birth / delivery options. Deciding whether to have the adoptive family present during my delivery. Always Sometimes
Post-birth contact. Preparing an adoption plan, deciding how much post-birth contact to have with the family, if any, after placing my child with them. Always Sometimes
Legal representation. The option of having an attorney represent me in the adoption process. Always Usually
Post-birth Support. The ability to contact the office for additional support after I have placed my child with the adoptive family. Always Sometimes
My needs. Making sure that my needs are met if I choose not to be represented by my own attorney. Always Sometimes