Only very special women choose adoption.

The decision to place a child with a family for the purposes of adoption is the most loving, ethical, responsible and difficult decision one can make. The decision to give life to an unborn child demonstrates a courageous and unselfish act of love.

There are many reasons why a birth parent chooses adoption. A single mother may want her baby to have two stable parents. A couple may feel they are faced with life's other challenges and bringing a child into their lives is unrealistic or, in some cases, impossible. Others need to complete their education or are not in a financial position to raise a child. Each birth parent is unique and as such, the reasons for considering adoption in each case is different.

It's not uncommon for birth mothers to have a difficult time when considering adoption. Proceeding with an adoption is an important decision and nearly always, important decisions are hard ones. M.D. WIDELOCK and his staff are here to support you in both the emotional and legal aspects of your decision. We are available to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need, including but not limited to medical and living expenses as well as counseling. Let us help you through this process.