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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About The Adoption Process

Is The Risk Factor In An Adoption Plan Higher With A 16 Year Old Birth Mother As Opposed To A 22 Year Old Birth Mother And Is There Any Greater Risk Dealing With A Single Parent Vs. A Birth Couple?

The questions asked seek a bright line rule. Regrettably, the adoption process does not allow for bright line rules. It is for this reason that the focus should be directed to the circumstances and reasons surrounding the birth mother or birth couple's decision to place the child for adoption.

The birth mother or birth couple's commitment to the adoption process can only be viewed on a case-by-case basis. To go or not go forward with a particular birth mother only because she is 16 or 22, single or cohabitating or any combination of these two circumstances can be a mistake. The total picture must be examined with a jaundice eye.

I tell my clients that no one has a crystal ball, but, if I'm wrong and one does exist, it's got to be cracked. There are 16 year-olds who will complete their adoptions and there are 16 year-olds who won't. The same holds true for the 22 year old woman, as well as the birth mother who is single or cohabitating.

It is no secret that the independent adoption process is largely based on trust. Therefore, prospective adoptive parents must not be afraid to ask questions, no matter how probing they may be. Only after all the information has been obtained and pieced
together can one decide if the birth mother is a good candidate for the adoption process.

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